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The Hi-Fi’s Band Members

See them, then and now and find out all about them.

The Hi-Fi’s were a rock band from 1957 to 1969. They wrote and recorded little known hits such as; Take Me Or Leave Me - Will You Or Won’t You - I’m A Box - Snakes and Ladders;

They also did a cover of The Beatles - Baby’s In Black and I Keep Forgettin’ by Lieber and Stoller.

The original group “The Hi-Fi’s Rock Band” were. Ian Duncombe (lead guitar); Malcolm Wright (drums); Len Ford (rhythm guitar/bass); Brian Bennett (piano); Allan Stainer (rhythm guitar/bass); Roger Newell (vocals/rhythm guitar)

Ian Duncombe left in 1959, Len Ford took over as lead guitar and the group became “The Hi-Fi’s” a short while after this Roger Newell adopted a name change and Vern Rogers & The Hi-Fi’s was born.

As time went by, the group had many new members and considerable challenges, which they overcame and so played a small, but important part in the history of popular music of the sixties. They were first choice for many artists to use as they’re backing band, offering great and varied instrumental sounds and harmony vocal backing.

The influences of this early period, anything in the hit parade that was good, they covered it. At that time the artists covered were. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bobby Vee, Bill Haley, Gene VincentDel Shannon, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers, Eddie Cochrane, Cliff Richard, The Drifters/Shadows, The Ventures, Duane Eddy, Marty Wilde, Eden Kane, Adam Faith, and Freddy Cannon the list was as endless as the hits.

The Hi-Fi’s were a hard working bunch of great musos, who made many friends (fans and artists). They always had fun and brightened up listeners lives, where ever they played. This website unfolds the many pages that was  “THE Hi-Fi’s” and finally tells the whole story and possibly giving them the recognition they deserve.

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Snakes & Ladders

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Tread Softly For The Sleepers

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She’s The One

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I Keep Forgettin’

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Baby’s In Black

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Kiss & Run

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Here I Stand

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One Way Love Affair

First name

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The Odd Man Out

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Cliff was thrilled when he was given a copy of this poster in November 2013. He had it framed,now it hangs in his hall of fame at home

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Take Me Or Leave Me

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