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Alan Reynolds - Bass Guitar/Vocals late 1959 – early 1961

Alan Reynolds replaced Frank Jackson

The Hi-Fi’s have not had contact with Alan Reynolds since they parted company back in late 1960 or early 1961 when Tony Sharron replaced him.  We would really like to make contact again with him and if any persons looking on this website can assist with this, then please use the contact us section on the website.

Alan joined the group aged 18, answering an advert placed in the Melody Maker.

He lived in a block of flats, along West End Lane, (a continuation off Abbey Road) West Hampstead, North London, just up from the legendary Abbey Road Studios. There are no records of exactly where he lived or what job he did or place of work. He was always picked up and dropped off after a gig by the flats in West End Lane.

Because he had a large chin, the resemblance to Bruce Forsythe was picked up by everyone, and he learnt all of Bruce’s catch phrases. This led to the band making up a Sunday Night at the London palladium sketch within the stage act.

We would play the show’s theme tune and introduce a named star and Vern Rogers would then perform their latest hit, which always went down well.

A particular gig it was performed at a few times was at a small cinema in Bracknell, which did Sunday matinees with groups performing.

Perhaps someone out there has further information about this venue. If so then please use the website contact form.

It’s not sure why Alan left the group, but maybe it was because he wanted to go onto further education.