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Other Drummers

When drummer Malcolm Wright left the group in 1968 he was replaced by a number of different drummers whose names are uncertain. Names mentioned are Martin Harrison and Derek Cashin.

In the picture on the left can anybody help put a name to this drummer last on the right.

From Tony Coates

‘Hi Len , not Martin ,not Derek . there was another drummer for a short time. He arrived with the clothes he stood in, so we gave him some money sent him to reclothe, and he came back with a TROMBONE ? ? Mick Douglas may remember his name.I did’nt meet Derek until after I left the Hi Fi’s .’

Tony Coates 2014

From Mickey Douglas

His name was Martin Harrison, he stayed on in Germany with Gary he's probably the one to ask for more details.

Mickey 2014.

Translation of text in press release courtesy of Bernd (the hi-fi´s fan) Rüttgers

The "Hi-Fi´s" from London did a hot show during the last week in "Bonanza" *.

The five London "rock´n´roll"-freaks made something happen that no other band before ever could: the dance-floor stayed empty!! But not because their music was too bad for dancing, no - the "Bonanza"-guests were so impressed by The "Hi-Fi’s" musically outstanding performance that they totally forgot to dance !

The "Hi-Fi´s" asked club-owner Helmut Rath if they could do something for an organisation called "Dortmunder Sorgen-Kinder"**, because they’ve heard about it.

A gig in Dortmund-city was cancelled, because there were no big amps available. at 3pm The "Hi-Fi´s" played  outside - not with their instruments but with a football vs. a "Bonanza"-team. for the "Sorgenkinder"


* Bonanza = name of the discotheque

** Sorgen-Kinder = charity-children, poor children, homeless children