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Roger Newell a.k.a Vern Rogers & Paul Conway- Vocals 1957 - 1963 (deceased?)

We have been able to get details of some Vern Roger’s gigs;


13thAugust 1963. McILROYS BALLROOM Top Twenty Club. Swindon                                                                                       17th February 1964. TROWBRIDGE TOWN HALL.

17th February 1964 details of a gig Vern did with The Rebounds.

Billed by the Mercury's advert “ The Rebounds: The group that backed Johnny Burnette". There's not a lot to be found on the mysterious Vern apart from the fact that he was once backed by a band called The Hi-Fi's and had a single released by Oriole Records called "Be Everything To Anyone You Love". There is one other piece of info available however and it comes from, of all places, a David Bowie web-site. It's an account of a pop concert that was held in 1963 in the sleepy town of West Wickham, Kent called, with startling originality "Wickham Goes Pop". The Bowie connection is that his fledgling group The Konrads also appeared at this mini festival along with many other glorious unknowns and of course Rogers and The Rebounds. The review concludes "The Rebounds immediately impressed the audience with their obvious professionalism. Surrounded by a forest of electronic equipment, the Rebounds were undoubtedly the highlight of the show. Their vocal numbers were tremendous, and the addition of an electronic organ to the group produced interesting effects. Vern Rogers, on the other hand, was disappointing. A "shouter" of the old "rock" school, he was unpopular with teenagers at the show." Like, get with it man!


The Hi-Fi’s have not had contact with Roger Newell since they parted company back in April 1963. We would really like to make contact again with him and if any persons looking on this website can assist with this, then please use the contact us section on the website.

Roger joined the group aged 18 within the first weeks of them coming together, answering an advert placed in the Croydon Advertiser.

He lived with his parents, a younger 10 year old brother and a 16 year old sister, in Headley Avenue, Wallington on the outskirts of Croydon.

A former student of Purley Grammar School. He worked as a civil servant in The Patents Office in Holborn, London. Tony Smith a work colleague, lived in Chisholm Road, off Addiscombe Road, East Croydon, was also the groups transport/roadie for those early years, as he had a Dormobile. The group would also like to make contact with him.

Further details of his time with the group are mentioned within some other member’s profiles and press cuttings. Also within the discography section.

Roger/Vern left the group around the same time as he secured a recording contract with Oriole records. They put out 4 single releases over an 18 month period with no success sales or chart wise.  During this period he used a backing group named The Rebounds (if you were a member or friend of this group then please contact us through the website). After they parted company he then used a group named The Orbits (likewise any member/friend please contact us).

Part of a Graeme St Clair e-mail.

‘Hi again Len,

Pete Brown is a very good friend of mine , and who is also a band with me called "cream crackered" , Basically , Pete has had a bit of a hard time in the past  (he is doing great now though) and has lost all of memorabilia, has no records or cuttings etc, to show to his grand children . 

Pete did also mention that Paul Conway changed his name from Vern Rogers.

I would be grateful for any info that you can find, especially if you come across any pictures of Pete with the band .

I have attached a picture of him as he is now .There are a few more on our facebook page ...... 

Thanks again.’

Graeme St Clair

Part of first e-mail

‘Pete Brown remembers playing guitar on a Paul Conway/Vern Rogers released record with The Hi-Fi's called " Come a Little Bit Closer "’

Graeme St Clair

Possibly Vern Rogers decided that he might have a better chance with success if he changed his name and sob became, Paul Conway. This we have been able to confirm with the help of Graeme St Clair.

We can find no other information on Paul Conway so;

Once again if anyone can assist with further details, then please use the contact us section.

Two singles were released on the Pye Piccadilly label;

7N35204 released October 1964. “Don’t make Fun of Me/Now That you Don’t Love Me.”

7N35215 released November 1964 “Come a Little Bit Closer/Be Lonely Little Girl.”

Article below from Croydon Times 25th January 1963

The Vern Rogers singles on Oriole are:


CB 1785 Dec.62 Be everything to anyone you love // That ain't right

CB 1826 Apr.63 He's new to you // Can't complain


CB 1885 Nov.63 I will // One way love affair


CB 1923 Apr.64 Anna (go to him) // Pride

The Orbits with Vern Rogers

13th May 1964.  LOCARNO BALLROOM, Swindon.

18th  July 1964.  LOCARNO BALLROOM, Swindon.

Vern Rogers with The Rebounds

19th October 1963. California Ballroom,Dunstable.

As before should anyone have further details about The Rebounds or The Orbits and gigs with Vern then please get in touch.

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Come A Little Bit Closer

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Be Lonely Little Girl